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How to connect to our “Zoom” webinars

SECURITY: Our live and interactive webinars on the book of Revelation offer a safe and secure place to learn more about the Bible’s final book.

Please note: the cameras and microphones of ALL participants are disabled (except for the presenter), and all interaction is via the Q&A section directly with the presenter.

CONNECTING: There are a number of ways you can participate in these webinars on Revelation (or “RevCasts”). The best way is to download the widely used “Zoom” app onto either your smartphone/tablet or your computer. See the various connection options below:

BEST OPTION: Download the ZOOM Cloud Meeting app

  1. Computer: When you click on the “Go Live” button for the first time, your web browser should ask you if you want to download the Zoom app onto your computer. Select “yes” (Tip: if you have already downloaded the Zoom app onto your computer it will take you straight to the presentation room).
  2. Smartphone/Tablet: Go to the App Store on your phone and search for “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”, or even just “Zoom” (see the Zoom logo below to confirm you have the right app).

Hot Tip: If you’re connecting to our RevCast webinar for the first time, make sure you download the app sometime before the session is live so you don’t miss the start of the presentation.

Weblink: To join the meeting at the appointed time click on the “Go Live” button on the home-page of the www.revelationofhope.info site, or go to this link on your computer’s browser: zoom.us/j/934379463

Look for the Zoom logo in the ‘App Store’ of your choice.


Option 2. Using your computer’s browser

You may be able to join the meeting without downloading the Zoom app. To join the meeting at the appointed time simply cut and paste the following link into your computer’s browser: zoom.us/j/934379463

Note: There are a few limitations to using your computer’s browser only (and not downloading the Zoom app onto your computer) – and your experience can vary sometimes depending on the browser you’re using.

Option 3. Using your phone: 

Yes, you can just join in by calling in from your phone – but there are obviously some features of Zoom that can’t be used if you do this. If you’d like to call in by phone then dial one of the numbers below* and when the recorded message asks for your “Meeting ID” type in on your phone’s keypad the following nine numbers followed by the # key: 934 379 463

Australia and New Zealand phone numbers:

Sydney: 02 8015 6011

Melbourne: 03 7018 2005

Perth/Adelaide/Darwin: 08 7150 1149

New Zealand: 09 884 6780 or 04 886 0026

*For participants outside of Australia contact us through the www.revelationofhope.info site to obtain the phone number.

We’re looking forward to having you part of an upcoming session on the book of Revelation (check for session times on the website).

David Riley

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